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3 Simple Meals for a Summer Body

One hour at a gym, parking further away from work, and doing extra lunges while gardening...all of your hard work could be lost with just one extra decadent, extra hit-the-spot bite from your favorite local lunch options.

The balance for a healthy body is 20 percent exercise and our diet is a massive 80 percent! Luckily for us, the foods we eat that nourish our spirit are often low in calories and full of the vitamins you need for your optimal performance. We tend to underestimate the calorie counts of certain foods, that’s why it’s key to have go-to recipes and meals on hand to help cut the decision-making factors out of eating healthy.

We’re going to show you three summer meals that help you achieve your healthy goals! Delve into the deliciousness.

Summer Meal 1: Post Workout Smoothie

Spicy or Not Peach Smoothie

Packed with peaches, this smoothie offers the hydration you need to keep going after your workout. Give it an extra boost by adding ginger to energize your palate.


1 cups kale - anti-inflammatory and offers tons of vitamin c and iron

1 cups baby spinach - just as good as kale

1 teaspoon fresh ginger - may reduce muscle pain

3⁄4 cup frozen peaches

1 cup coconut water - offers electrolytes for a naturally hydrated feel

1 tsp of healthy sweetener

Blend together and adjust ingredients as needed!

Summer Meal 2: Smart Snack

With so many snack options, it’s wise to have a healthy one on hand for when temptation arises. These protein balls pack the power of coffee, which helps if you usually like an afternoon cappuccino fix. Find the recipe on With Salt and Wit.

Summer Meal 3: Fast & Healthy Food

Toaster Oven Quesadilla

This Eating Well recipe offers you two quesadillas for less than 350 calories. What’s great is you don’t have to turn on the stove top or oven, you can use your small plug-in appliance and have dinner ready in a snap. Another great is that you can mix-and-match veggies and/or lean proteins to create a new meal every week!

Of course, you could always look into a meal prep option to get healthy foods delivered to you as frequently as you’d like.

Planning your meals could save you a lot of time, money, hassle, and most importantly, calories. We hope our flexible summer ready meal options give you what you need at just the right times. Remember, find foods that are fresh, colorful, and vibrant. Stick to recipes with a low-ingredient count, but high-nutritional value and rotate through the ones you like. Find ways to tweak your recipe with by replacing one ingredient with another or adding new spices.

What’s your favorite way to keep your meals summer ready? Share it with us on our Facebook group!

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