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N.U.FOCUS offers 1 on 1 health coaching plans that are comprised of fundamental components to the N.U.FOCUS philosophy of educating clients to build a healthy lifestyle and not just a diet.

All health coaching plans are comprised of tips, check ins, newsletters with resources and MBS- Mind Body and Spirit messages.  Our Health Coaching packages are broken into the following packages: 

60-Day Progam

  • This plan is a modified version of the complete Mind, Body, and Spirit plan. This plan focuses on the pillars of MIND and Body. You will gain a solid foundation on the fundamentals of “mindful eating” and n the philosophies of the “80/20 model” and the Dr. Sears LEAN philosophy.  This plan will include tips, check-ins, resources and educational modules. This plan includes: 

    •  Check-ins 2 times a week

    • Healthy tips once a week (cover mind, body, and soul)

    • 2 weigh in and check-ins

    • Label reading exercise and Dr. Sears LEAN philosophy reflection

    • (At least) 2 in-person check-ins for module reviews

    • Modules that will be covered:

      • “Overcoming the mental obstacle”: The Two S' Sabotage and Stagnation

      • “You are what you know” – Healthy Eating

90-Day Program

  • Building AND sustaining a healthy lifestyle takes time. It is noted that habits takes weeks, but changing mindsets takes months. A 90-day program is ideal for reflection, building and developing affirmations for sustaining a healthy lifestyle. This plan offers the complete program of the Mind, Body and Spirit plan. The 90 day program allows you to walk through each pillar of building the foundation for mindful eating, long term nutrition knowledge and your spirit. This plan includes:

    •  Check ins 3 times a week(+ Bi weekly phone call)

    • Healthy tips TWICE a week

    • 3 weigh in and check ins

    • Customized restaurant tips AND eating plan and grocery shopping list

    • (At least) 3 in person meetings

    • 3 learning modules to help you reach your goals

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