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A health coach is your accountability partner and healthy lifestyle cheerleader.

As certified health coaches, we seek to direct you on your journey of developing a healthier lifestyle. We have been trained to provide support, resources and education from accredited companies that do research in the most current practices of health coaching. 

We are your directors to help you understand the importance of utilizing resources such as trainers and nutritionists. And understanding HOW and WHY these resources are important. In a group setting, we will provide you with tips on how you can best utilize these resources, and get you closer to incorporating them on a regular basis.  

We are not trainers nor nutritionists. Our goal after the completion of your program or leaving a presentation is that you have a better understanding of what it takes to build a healthy lifestyle and not just a diet.



Two years ago, I was inspired to become a better me. After growing tired of not liking how clothes fit, of having low energy..I realized it was time for a real change. The journey began steps , reading, attending HIIT fitness classes I was on my way..the next two steps were the hardest: changing my mind and habits about nutrition. After gaining knowledge and great support from experts ( my nutritionist and personal trainer, fit friends) I realized it was time to share this experience and help others develop their journey to a healthier lifestyle . I am now on a new journey: as a health coach. I'm excited to help YOU become the best YOU. My job is  to offer you a comprehensive program that will empower and educate you through mind, body and spirit pillars of health and wellness knowledge. Through your NUFOCUS experience you will not only learn about health, balance and wellness you will learn how to sustain a healthier lifestyle.

Timeka is a certified health coach through the

Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.

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