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"Thank you Timeka for your caring and direct approach with your program.  I know who to call if I start getting off track."


"NU Focus was definitely a game changer for me. Before I started with NU Focus I was concerned about my overall health and shape of my body. I didn't feel good about me! I was stiff. I had chronic back aches. I couldn't sleep at night, and I could barely walk up a flight of stairs and not be short of breath. Moreover, I wanted to be a better meal planner for my family. I knew that all of the symptoms I had experienced were the result of a poor diet, and no exercise. While I wanted to do better, I was at a loss for where to begin. I did not want some quick fix, stop eating everything in the world, no carb, no anything diet. I wanted to gain a skill set that would help to transition old habits into a new lifestyle. Thanks to NU Focus, I had a real partner in this journey. I had realistic and reasonable advice and tips on how to get there. Not only did I get tips on diet and exercise, but Dr. Rashid was even my inspiration on days when I wanted to give up on my work out and personal trainer. She taught me how to handle the frustration and anxiety I faced with a work-out program that I did not feel at one point was beneficial for me. Not only did I NOT give up on my work out and exercise, but I drastically improved my diet. I sleep better at night, and I have absolutely NO BACK PAIN anymore. I am grateful for NU Focus and would highly recommend this program to anyone who has started and stopped meal plans and exercise programs over and over but are truly seeking a lifestyle change. I am in no way where I want to be, but thanks to NU Focus I am far from where I used to be, and because of them I celebrate each milestone along the way however baby of a step it might be!!!"


“NU Focus made me more aware of my eating and how my lifestyle affected my eating habits. Also, NU Focus made me feel that even if I 'fell off the wagon' I could easily hop right back on using a few 'baby steps.'

Great tips that can be beneficial for anyone!”


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