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Black Women Cycle is the fitness initiative of NUFOCUS Health Coaching, LLC. 


The purpose is to motivate women of color to become their healthier selves through spinning (indoor cycling). This occurs through:





Importance of Black Women and Fitness


Hypertension rates are higher among Black women as 46% of Black women 20 years and older have hypertension


Black women have higher mortality rates from breast cancer (1,722 an average of 5 Black women per day)


Diabetes affects nearly 12% of all Black women ages 20 and older (estimated that nearly 50% of Black females born in the year 2000 and beyond will likely develop Type 2 diabetes in their lifetime)


Black Women Cycle’s three features:

  1. Community Informational Sessions

  2. Membership and Subscription

  3. Regional Meet Ups

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BWC Instructor
BWC Informational
BWC Meet Up
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