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Simplify Your Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle can come with many moving parts. From budgets to dietary restrictions, we can find ourselves lost in a sea of options. You may wonder, what’s the right way to start? How can I do something today? Luckily, for us, we can strip eating healthy to a few key strategies. Then, over time, you can customize and build a lifestyle fit for you.

Create a Master Menu

To start, create a master menu of meals that you are okay with eating on a regular basis. Use this as a template to plan out the next two to three months. As you pick up recipes and ideas add them to the catalog of options on your master menu. Planning your meals in advance will save you a ton of time and reduce the number of decisions you have to make. Create a Pinterest board of your classic recipes (and find a healthy spin on them) and then when it’s time to grocery shop update your meal plan to be more specific for that week or two.

Cut Corners

A master menu of meals can still be a bit active for the time crunch. The next best option is to have someone do the work for you. Find a healthy food prep business and have your food delivered. Options like, Peer Pantry, do the research, prep work, cooking, and delivery, all so you can spend your time on your more pressing priorities. Looking to stretch your budget with meal deliveries? Consider another corner to cut and purchase prepped veggies, fruits, and starches in the produce of freezer section of your local grocery (they probably deliver from there too!) Add these to your meals and double of triple the servings.

Start slow

This is no one’s race but yours. Have a baseline of what dedication to healthy looks like to you and build from there. Perhaps it’s finding a support group and staying active. Pick what works for you and then practice it until it becomes second nature. Maybe it is drinking more water throughout the day or joining a new workout class, do something that you really want to do on your healthy journey!

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