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Recognizing your accomplishments

Do you recognize growth in your life or do you criticize yourself by saying, “That was nothing.” It is important to acknowledge the areas that we are working on improving in our lives. It could be starting off having 2 cups of coffee a day, instead of 3. Exercising 3 times a week, instead of not at all. Asserting yourself for the first time by delegating a task to someone or saying, “No,” to a request from someone when you are overwhelmed by a lot of responsibilities. It can include helping an elderly person with their bags when you usually walk pass them. Completing a project or an assignment a week before its deadline. Receiving a B on your paper instead of D. Recognizing the things that we do well builds self-esteem and positively feeds the spirit by giving us hope and a sense of happiness. It also helps us to become determined to accomplish our goals.

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